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Meet Deketa Tranae.

Deketa Tranae Cobb is a seasoned human resource and real estate professional. During the onset of COVID-19, she had an epiphany. She realized that she was only leveraging a fraction of her potential and wanted to maximize her learned skills and natural gifts by stepping into entrepreneurship. She received integrative coaching and strategic branding to elevate her unique voice and image.

Image by Paul Volkmer

The Challenge

Before the start of the pandemic, Deketa was an accomplished career professional and real estate agent who had never envisioned being a business owner. She was content with where she was in life but the sudden stillness of the pandemic allowed her to reflect on her full potential and she decided to go into business for herself. Because Deketa had only worked for others' organizations, up to this point, she struggled with tapping into her vision for her own company.

Image by Paul Volkmer

The Work

N. Renée drilled Deketa on her “why”. She did this through intense, virtual coaching sessions that allowed Deketa to reflect on the need for her service offerings and who they would specifically benefit. Blair understood the direction that Deketa wanted to take with her brand and aimed for a luxurious aesthetic to convey “abundance”. Darryl captured Deketa's vision on film while incorporating visual elements to create a sequential storyline that would resonate with her target audience of progressive, young professionals.

Image by Paul Volkmer

The Results

Deketa launched her brand, Pure Necessity by Deketa Tranae, on October 19, 2020. Since her launch, she has increased her social media following, acquired professional development consulting contracts, closed on her first investment property and is positioned to attract speaking opportunities to promote her message of "resilience" as a key component to sustainable success.


Visit to learn more about her services.

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