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About Super Model 360.

Our multi-week, holistic personal branding program empowers purpose-led influencers to fully harness their ingenuity to create boundless impact. We do this through integrative coaching, image enhancement, and transparent storytelling to enable our clients to attract fruitful opportunities that align with their values.

Image by Paul Volkmer
Image by David Jorre
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The Visionary.

I am N. Renée McFadden - certified Psychosynthesis Life Coach (PLC), certified Diversity & Inclusion professional, and brand strategist. I developed this platform to help guide others back to their purpose in their careers, businesses and daily walk. My mission is vital because I've witnessed, since I was a child, people only scratching the surface of who they truly are and no longer pursuing their dreams.


If we don't fully uncover and honor our reason for existence, we will eventually plateau or even tap out when challenges arise. More often, we will find ourselves in a cycle of confusion, frustration and disappointment because we've spent most of our lives accommodating others and their limiting beliefs which, in turn, causes us to shrink. These shrinking people show up every single day as fragmented versions of themselves. In fact, I was one of them. I desired to be influential and I was, but not to the level that I knew I could be.


One day, in August 2019, my deteriorating health forced me to make the split-second decision to do the work to remember and realign with my calling. Although the work was painful, and sometimes isolating, the outcome was liberating. And, because it enabled me to remember my divine purpose and innate power, I am now "whole" again.

Welcome to Super Model 360 - the beauty of masterful influence.

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