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Featured Launch Story.

Our client, Harli Gawronski, joined the 12-week program in January 2022 with the objective of clarifying her podcast mission and developing a logo and landing page. 

Image by Paul Volkmer

The Challenge

Harli had experienced many career achievements before venturing into entrepreneurship. She often put on a happy face but knew deep within that she wasn't showing up as her most authentic self. She yearned for total fulfillment yet felt guilty that her active life with her husband and four children wasn't quite "enough".

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Image by Paul Volkmer

The Work

Although Harli was excited to be moving forward with her vision of a podcast for the "superwoman", she struggled with a lack of confidence. N. Renée worked with her to explore where this limiting belief stemmed from and learned that when she was in college, a defining moment for her was when she was told that her Haitian accent wasn't suitable for broadcast journalism. After several coaching sessions, Harli was able to hone her vision for her podcast which mirrored her own life. She determined that her accent is one of the many things that makes her unique and that there's purpose in everyone's story.

Image by Paul Volkmer

The Results

Harli launched "Inside The Bubble With Harli G. - A Podcast For The Superwoman" on June 27th 2022. By November 2022 she was ranked #1 in Nigeria by Apple Podcasts and has since booked a celebrity guest for her 1-year anniversary event in the summer of 2023. Harli has also expanded her platform to include speaking on the topic of "purpose" as well as  coaching women on how to define their personal core values in order to live a more rewarding life.

Visit her website at to learn more.

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